miércoles, 16 de enero de 2008

Richard and The Brunette and Thom Yorke

I'm in a skip divided malfunction I flap around and dive bomb Frantically around your light Enveloped in a sad distraction I got your voice repeating endlessly Could you guide me in? Could you smother me? I swoop around your head But I never hit I'm blinded by your daylight Electric veins pass through me I thought there was this big connection I only got my name I only got the situation I just need a number and location Without appropriate papers or permissions I'm known to bite in tight situations
And my mum keeps telling me Hey hey The devil may Hey hey You are a fool For sticking round I tried every trick in the book I tried to look and knew Every trick in the book But how come I look? No more common dress or elliptical caress Don't look into your eyes cause I'm desperately in love In love When you walk in the room everything disappears When you walk in the room it's a terrible mess When you walk in the room I start to melt When you walk in the room I follow you round Like a dog, I'm a dog, I'm a lapdog I'm your lapdog


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