martes, 4 de marzo de 2008

Dreamland I

I was breastnaked. For the first time enjoying my solitude, nude.

Out-of-nowhere came my former school buddies; long time since i last saw those motherfuckers. Oh despair. Without knocking on my doors, they came in. Into my intimacy. And it’s so dammed messy in here.

Alter, came all my family members; those who where never aware of me. Without asking. They sat on god-knows-which chairs around me. Towards me.

I was breastnaked. “Please leave, you should have called”. They laughed-out- loud. “Nonsense!” My Mother, she looked so angry. “I called you mother, several times this week. Why don’t you come when I ask you to?” “Nonsense child. Here, I bought you some new clothes”. “Leave! Leave, please.”

“Oh you ashamed your family; we shall leave Crazy alone.”

My father, he said nothing.

He was already dead when he came in.

Maybe I regret kicking them out.

But how I hate those inquiring faces.


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Yo, Ivanna dijo...

tas realmente chiflete vos nena